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Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association New Energy Committee(SENEC in abbreviation),founded by UNIDO, European Commission and SECMA,  is composed of the well-known enterprises, institutions for higher learning, Academy who engaged in Solar PV Cells, PV Modules, PV Engineering, Solar Silicon Materials, Silicon Chip, Silicon Ingot, PV Equipment, PV Products and so on. The standpoint of Committee always keeps in line with the Association, so that our members can obtain the most professional innovation service. At the same, this enables our organization to be more powerful. SENEC is a non-profit international organization performing the rights of New Energy Industry. SENEC currently owned more than 80 members and has organized several fantastic PV Activities, which has obtained an industry-wide attention.

Our Goal
As an International organization (SENEC) on behalf of the rights of New Energy Industry, our goal is to promote the green innovation of New Energy Industry, the PV Industrial cooperation and renewable development which will bring benefit to our members.
We SENEC hereby as the partner of Chinese government is to drive and promote the development of green energy industry together, which provides wonderful manufacturing and trade environment for our members.
Our Services
SENEC provides a series of high-quality services for Solar PV Manufacturers, such as the green manufacturing standard of New Energy Industry, production criterion, Industrial innovation, Technical communication, International cooperation, Industrial chain and etc. It also organizes lots of international conferences, review & Researches, international exhibitions, abroad trips and so on.