About SEBMC  
SEBMC Constitution  
SEBMC Activities  
Executive Council

Chapter One General Principles■■
●1st Item:About SEBMC
Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association Biomedical Committee (SEBMC in abbreviation) belongs to the branch industrial committee (alliance) of Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association, our members can obtain more professional Innovation Service Provider, and also promote our organization more powerful. On behalf of SECMA, it is an Industry Association of performing plastics and material manufacturers’ rights.
●2nd Item:Our Goal
On behalf of Industry Association of biomedical rights, SEBMC aim at promoting plastics industry sustaining growth and prosperity of technology and economy, and providing the convenience for our members.
As the cooperation partner of Chinese government, we will boost and promote Biomedical R&D Innovation, Technology Application and development of the Green Industry, it provides a good R&D, manufacturing and trading circumstances for our members.
●3rd Item:Our Service
We provide a series of quality service which include the criterion of green manufacture, product
standard, industrial innovation, technological communication, international cooperation technology training, complete industrial chain, propaganda and so on, and organize international conferences, review & Research, international exhibition and Abroad trips etc.
●4th Item:Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association Biomedical Committee accept the business instruction and Management Supervisor which conducted from Sino-EU Chemical Manufactures Association, U.N. Industrial Development Organization, European Biotechnology Industry Association and National Technology.
●5th Item:Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association Biomedical Committee registered at Hong Kong, it is a institution of U.N. Industrial Development Organization-Sino-EU International green industrial development sparkplug and executive authority. The committee member is composed of Well-known enterprises, universities, and research institutes, which are engaged in bio-pharmaceuticals, new drug research and development, R & D outsourcing, pharmaceutical
intermediates, biological preparation, medical devices and biological materials so on at home and
abroad. And it belongs to the non-profit International Association Organizations.

Chapter Two Organization
●6th Item:
Two Co-Chairs have been found by SEBMC (the foreign one), One round president (3-year term), Four vice-Chairs, set up Co-seat system.
●7th Item:SEBMC has found council, one chairman, several vice-chairmen; one secretary general, several vice-secretary general.
●8th Item:SEBMC has found Secretariat, who will mastermind the routine work under the instruction of president/chairman/vice-president/vice-chairman
Chapter Three The Responsibility of SEBMC members
●9th Item:The representative of SEBMC director hold the power to election the director and assistant director, and also have the responsibility to manage the agendum of the secretariat;
●10th Item:The representative of SEBMC has the responsibility to cooperate and participate in every activity;
●11th Item:If the representative of SEBMC quit the meeting, it should commend the new director representative, and write the letter to notify the secretariat. And must be approved by administer director;
Chapter Four The conditions of SEBMC members
●12th Item:SEBMCmembers should be the enterprise which has high representative in relative domain of domestic and overseas petrifaction industry (Famous overseas chemical company, nationalization chemical company, joint-stock company, joint venture company, privately owned company, altitude academy);
●13th Item:SEBMCadminister director should have the good image and management conditions, and have the representative company in this industry. The assistant director should have the relative company in this industry, and the company should be well-known and has the high influencing.
Chapter Five The rights of SEBMC members
●14th Item:SEBMCmembers can participate in plastics & material committee per year according to international market fluctuations and council’s requests, and pertinently hold large-scale events and professional conference/ annual meeting.
●15th Item:Jointly safeguard the welfare of members of the manufacturers and industry in the area of common interests, create a harmonious development of the manufacturing sector.  
●16th Item:Vice-president can participate in united conferences, all kinds of activities, the decisions
of association development, leader’s conversation, annual speech, propaganda■exhibition/forum■
website which organized by SEBMC,
●17th Item:SEBMC members can hold investment, project cooperation, introduce into technology, transfer technology, information, the promotion of new products and the relevant manufacture chain matching Bundled Service.
●18th Item:SEBMCpresident issue the Committee Duty Certificate to vice-president and vice-chairman.
●19th Item: SEBMC secretariat/vice-chairman issue the Committee Duty Certificate to Executive director, the governing unit and SEBMC members.
●20th Item:SEBMCmembers are achieved supports firstly from UNIDO green production and Pilot enterprises.
Chapter Six The enterprise obligation of SEBMC members
●21st Item: The enterprises of SEBMC members should obey the Constitution of Committee and execute the decision of council.
●22nd Item:The enterprises of SEBMC members should feedback the update situation of enterprise and fill in the report forms.
●23rd Item:SEBMC members should put forward business proposals for sustainable development and participation in activities of the Member in order to ensure the rights of manufacturers, promote the development of plastics and material industry.
Constitution has been rectified for twice under the evaluation of committee.