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Sino-Eu Chemical Manufacturers Association Biomedical Committee, shortly SEBMC, is a bio-pharmaceutical industry branch founded by Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association. Founded in Hong Kong, the committee is composed of well-known enterprises, universities, and research institutes, which are engaged in bio-pharmaceuticals, new drug research and development, R & D outsourcing, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological preparation, medical devices and biological materials so on at home and abroad. And it belongs to the non-profit International Association Organizations. And the Commission position is in line with the Association one, our members can obtain more professional innovation service, which also promotes our organization to be more powerful. On behalf of SECMA, it is a Industry Association performing biomedical manufacturers’ rights.SEBMC has successfully launched a series of international activities and aroused wide attention among the industry.

Our Goal
On behalf of Industry Association of biomedical manufacturers’ rights, SEBMC aims at promoting the sustaining growth and prosperity of biomedical industrial innovation and technology and economy, and bring profits for our members.
As the cooperation partner of Chinese government, we will boost and promote the research innovation and technology application in biomedical industry and development of the Green Industry. Thus provides a good manufacturing and trading circumstances for our members.

Our Services
We provide a series of quality service which include the criterion of green manufacture, product
standard, industrial innovation, technological communication, international cooperation technology training, complete industrial chain, propaganda and so on, and organize international conferences, review & Research, international exhibition and Abroad trips etc.

Innovative Idea: Innovation in life science create human health
Tenet of Innovation
●Advocate drug research innovation, promote innovative drug development of global     biotechnology, create human health.
●Improve and promote the innovative cooperation of Biomedical R&D, and pharmaceutical win win development, so that provide a good innovative environment for global pharmaceutical research.
●Promote international biomedical industry to the sustained economic growth and prosperity, achieve renewable development of pharmaceutical.
●Pharmaceutical implementation of green products, environmental protection, health, safety and corporate social responsibility
●Lead the future development cooperation of global drug research innovation, promote innovative application of pharmaceutical technology, create a healthy development environment for biomedical industry.