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2014 Evonik automotive innovation of new materials and technological exchanges was held in Shanghai

     Central European Chemical Manufacturers Association Lightweight Automotive Materials Science & Auto Union Commission executive director units - automotive surplus industrial group team in October 21, 2014 held in 2014 Evonik car innovative materials technology exchange in Evonik Shanghai R & D center. Systech Industries Group team of experts to share surplus automotive lightweight technology innovation in the automotive sector by and visit Evonik Shanghai R & D center. Executive Secretary of the Association Chenping Sheng went to the site and attended seminars, during the meeting, the Secretary-General Chen Evonik Degussa Chinese automotive lightweight Director, Association executive director Tony Ling on Union next development plan and carbon fiber body material cooperation projects do docking exchanges. 
     The event focuses on Evonik fuel piping system and the cooling circuit systems solutions, high-performance polymer materials in automotive applications of lightweight, odorless polyurethane foam additives in automotive applications, PMMA materials, including exterior avoid spraying and applications, foam sandwich composite optical effects on the realization of automotive lightweight design, advanced scratch-resistant plastic interior parts to solve interior and exterior solutions, innovative look and touch solutions, Polymest and Vestplast applications in automotive and Conference delegates were actively discussed. During the meeting, the delegates visited the high-performance materials, acrylic, polyurethane laboratory and exhibition hall.