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Bayer MaterialScience (China) Company Limited to further strengthen commitment to China and forge stronger customer relations
One integrated production, marketing, and R&D platform created through largest consolidation of foreign invested companies in Shanghai.
Shanghai, January, 2010 – Bayer MaterialScience has successfully consolidated its four legal entities in China under one roof:  Bayer MaterialScience (China) Company Limited (BMSC). The company is now the largest foreign invested company in Shanghai.
The consolidation has created a fully integrated platform in China for customers and partners by combining production, marketing & sales, as well as research & development activities.
The merged entities are: Bayer Coatings Systems Shanghai Co. Ltd., Bayer Polymers (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, and Bayer Polyurethanes (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., which are production facilities located at the Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai (BISS), plus Bayer MaterialScience Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
“This consolidation is truly a milestone in our company’s development in China.” said Mr. Michael Koenig, Senior Bayer Representative of Bayer Greater China, President of Bayer MaterialScience China, and General Manager of Bayer MaterialScience (China) Company Limited, “ BMSC has simpler reporting structures, faster response times and a fully aligned supply chain, it can now provide improved services which will strengthen our business relations with customers and partners in the China market.”
 “With BMSC, we continue to contribute to the growth of China’s chemical and materials industry. We are committed to providing new and high-tech materials which can be used to help with energy efficiency and combat climate change.” concluded Mr. Koenig
Continuing investment in toluene diisocyanate (TDI);  Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai (BISS) to become a role model in sustainable production.
The Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai, which is now part of BMSC, is currently being expanded into the group’s largest production site in the Asia/Pacific region. The most advanced and environmentally friendly process and manufacturing technologies have been used to ensure this is a sustainable production site, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Even under the difficult economic situation, Bayer MaterialScience continued with another major investment at BISS - the TDI project - and had its groundbreaking in October 2008. The TDI facility is expected to have its mechanical completion by the end of 2010 with an initial capacity of 250,000 tons per year. The process technology employed in the TDI production will reduce energy consumption by 40-60 per cent and further improve the already high safety level.
 “For Bayer MaterialScience, China is currently the third largest market worldwide and is becoming a growth engine for our global business. ” reiterated Mr. Koenig.
“We are committed to long-term development in this market and are well positioned to grow with the market. At a challenging time for the chemical industry, BMSC vaults us into a leadership role with our customers and partners. Together we are set to meet the mega trends of sustainability and innovation in the years to come.”