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Executive Council
Jean-Claude Steinmetz
Rhodia Vice-President,Automotive and Transportation
Takeshi Maruyama
General Manager, Pacific Automotive Business
Guillaume Desurmont, Ph.D
Asia-Pacific General Manager, Technical Polymers
Hua Weiqi.Ph.D
Vice President of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Co., Ltd.
Holly Lei
Bayer Material Science (China) Co., Ltd
Mr. Du Cao
Deputy Academician of Chang’ an automotive
Mr.Qiang Liu
Expert in Vehicle NVH, Passive Safety, Materials
Dr. Karsten Brast
General Manager
Mr. Minqi Xin
The chairman Of Shanghai Sunny limited company
Ms. Mingzhen Chen
the Aisa general manager of GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers
Mr.Dongning Chu
Secretary of the Party Committee /Deputy Senior General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Center
Ms. Yamei Tian
Vice President of China auto parts industry company
Mr. Weijian Sun
Chief Engineer of Vehicle Engineering Centre and Director of the Materials Engineering Department of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd
Mr. Dong Xu
President of Polymer Science (Shenzhen) New Materials Co., Ltd.
Prof.Muhuo Yu
Chief scientist of National Basic research program(973), Vice-director of State Key Lab for Fiber and Polymer Materials(Donghua University)
Mr. Zhijie Huang
General Manager of Zhejiang JUNER
Mr. Zhongfu Luo
Vice Technology Director of Kingfa
Mr. Yufei Zhou
Director of Technology Center, China FAW
Mr.Jie Yang
Vice President of Great Wall Auto Engineering Research Institute
Mr.Jianwei Chen
Experts Committee Director of GAC
Cao Jian
Xu Wang
Beijing automobile co., LTD., vice President of the automobile research institute