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SECMA Constitution  
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Manufacturers’ Declaration  
SECMA Activities  

Chapter One:   SECMA General Principles■■
1st Item: About SECMA
Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association (SECMA) involves Biomedical Committee (SEBMC), New Energy Committee (SENEC), Innovative Materials Committee, and Specialty Chemicals Committee. Our members can obtain more professional and innovative services, which will enable our organization to be more powerful, and more of an international association performing chemical manufacturers’ rights.
2nd Item: Objective of SECMA
Promote the sustaining growth and prosperity of global chemical industrial economy and bring profits to chemical manufacturers all over the world.
Promote the production, environmental protection, health, and safety of green chemical manufacturing and help enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities.
Perfect the manufacturing criterion, green manufacturing, innovative technology, craftsmanship and equipment to achieve chemical industry’s sustainable development.
Accelerate the development of green chemical manufacturing, provide good manufacturing and trading circumstances and contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly society.
3rd Item: Our Goal
On behalf of chemical manufacturers’ rights, SECMA aims at promoting the sustainable growth and prosperity of chemical industrial economy, and bringing profits to our members.
As the partner of Chinese government, we will boost and promote the development of green chemical manufacturing. Thus provides a good manufacturing and trading circumstances for chemical manufacturers.
4th Item: Our Services
We provide a series of high-quality services including the criterion of chemical manufacturing, green manufacturing standard, technology communication, brand advertisements, and image promotions. And we also organize industry international conferences, international exhibition and abroad trips etc
5th Item SECMA accepts industrial instructions and supervision of United Nations Industrial Development Organization.
6th Item SECMA was registered in Hong Kong, China and is an advocating and executive organization of the international green industry development by UNIDO. With its members from European, Chinese, and global chemical manufacturers, SECMA is a non-profit international organization.
Chapter Two  SECMA Organization ■■
7th Item:
SECMA sets one Honorary President, one Rotation president(Three-year term), five vice chairmen and establishes the co-chairman system.
8th Item: SECMA sets executive council and has several executive directors and directors.
9th Item: SECMA sets the secretariat. The secretariat works under the instruction of the chairman and the vice chairman. It also sets one secretary-general, and several vice-secretary generals.
10th Item: SECMA sets professional council, including one president, three vice chairmen, one secretary-general and several vice secretary-generals. The council sets the executive council and has several executive directors and directors.
Chapter Three   The Responsibility of SECMA Members ■■
11th Item: SECMA director holds the power of electing president and vice presidents has the responsibility of supervising the executive council and coordinating the professional council’s agendum;
12th Item: The representative of SECMA council has the responsibility of positively participating in various activities organized by SECMA;
13th Item: If the representative of SECMA quit the meeting, he should recommend the new director representative in time, and write letters to notify the secretariat. And it must be approved by administer director before taking effect.
Chapter Four   The Conditions of SECMA Members ■■
14th Item: SECMA chairman institution should be the first-class enterprises in the field. The chairman should lead an innovative and influential team, hold relative social positions in chemical industry and possess high reputation.
15th Item: SECMA vice chairman should own representative and influential enterprises in the industry.
16th Item: The executive council institution should be representative and well-known enterprises in chemical industry.
17th Item: SECMA director institution should be the representative enterprises in chemical industries or relative industries.
Chapter Five   The Rights of SECMA Members ■■
18th Item: The member can attend the large theme activities and professional conference/year conferences by SECMA based on global markets change and the requirements of executive councils.
19th Item: Protect joint benefits of both the manufacturers’ and the industry and promote harmonious development of manufacturing industry.
Chapter Six:   The Rights of SECMA Chairman ■■
20th Item: The term of chairman is three years. The chairman will be presented a job certificate by the association and offered a committee badge.
21st Item: The chairman has the right of instructing and supervising SECMA operating style and the developing strategy.
22nd Item: The chairman signs important contracts with the government on behalf of SECMA.
23rd Item: The chairman has the right of proposing the vice chairman name lists and calling SECMA executive council meetings.
24th Item: The chairman enjoys the chair seat of the executive council joint conferences; attend the news press and annual forums.

25th Item: The chairman has the right of launching the green manufacturing declaration, giving speeches in annual activities and attending key promotions.
Chapter Seven:   The Incumbency of SECMA Members ■■
26th Item:
SECMA enterprise members should observe the council constitution and the decisions which are made by executive council;
27th Item: SECMA enterprise members should fill in the enterprise report forms and reflect the enterprise conditions each year.
28th Item: The fees are spent on business and industrial development by the constitution. It includes yearly activities, summit journal, summit information, and website services.
29th Item:
SECMA enterprise members should make more sustainable suggestions and advices to protect chemical manufacturers’ benefits and drive green chemical industry development

The Constitution is amended for the second time by the Executive Council and approved by all members.








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